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Presentation and Book signing by Donald Miller, of his book titled Vicksburg

Publisher Simon & Shuster Publishing 

“[A]n insightful biography of Ulysses S. Grant from his pre-war life through the culmination of his torturous campaign along the Mississippi River…[and] is authentic as it encompasses not only that redoubtable American general’s great talents but also his dire shortcomings. Alongside Grant’s biography, Miller fills in the spaces by doing a first-rate job of recreating the sequence of events in the Western Theater of Operations in the Civil War from the start of the conflict until the fall of Vicksburg….While there have been many books written about Ulysses S. Grant, no recent publication surpasses Miller’s work in terms of capturing the contradictory nature of this man….Miller does an outstanding job of chronicling the tangled pathway Grant had to pursue to secure a commission to serve in the newly expanding Federal Army…. It is Grant’s resilience that Donald L. Miller so effectively captures in this fine book that one can almost feel the will power as a leader that the eventual overall Union commander possessed….[A]bove all else, Miller has crafted an insightful and striking look at the actions of General Grant at a turning point not only of the Civil War but also of American history. This is a great book and one that Civil war enthusiasts should read.”—Civil War Courier LINK

Thursday, November 21, 2019
5:00pm - 6:30pm
John Grisham Room
Mitchell Memorial Library
  Front Page Workshop     Special Event  

Event Organizer

Lynda Graham