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Make an Appointment - Mississippi State University Libraries

Make an appointment in 3 steps. Step 1: Select a staff member. Step 2: Select an available date. Step 3: Select an available timeslot.

To learn more about Old Main Academic Center's study rooms, visit


  • Intended to provide unique space for collaborative work and study for classroom or research related activities - may not be used for semester-long instruction or office hours.
  • Rooms can be reserved for up to two hours using the online reservation system.
  • If a room has not been booked, the room can be used on a first-come, first-served basis; however, if it is booked by someone else those in the room will have to vacate.
  • Rooms can be reserved up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Rooms are for groups of two or more people.
  • Please leave the rooms as you found them and dispose of all trash.
  • If you are using a room equipped with a TV, you must keep the volume at an appropriate level.
  • If you alone are using a room, you must leave immediately if a group asks to use it.
  • You must adhere to Mississippi State University's policy on Use of Information Technology Resources, including refraining from illegal downloading or sharing of copyrighted materials; using IT resources to harass or threaten others; downloading or displaying obscene or pornographic material; accessing (or attempting to access), altering, interfering with the operation of, damaging, or destroying all or party of any IT resource; using (or attempting to use) someone else's account, password, access code, or other credentials, or electronically impersonating others; commercial advertising or political campaigning.
  • Download full policy document (.pdf, 365.2Kb)